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UMSMobile Work Management System (WMS)

UMSMobile Work Management System can be used with a variety of mobile devices, from Laptop computers and PDA's, to Ruggedized Notebooks, and Handheld devices.  These devices communicate information back to your billing software through a cellular network, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or wired connection.

  • AMR Installation Tool - Process meter change-outs in an organized manner and eliminate lost orders. Update your billing system automatically on a daily or hourly basis. Works equally as well with your staff or subcontractors.

  • Capture GPS Info - Acquire long/lat meter locations while completing work orders with built-in GPS.

  • Scan Meter & Electronic ID's - Built-in scanner reads bar codes from register, meter and other coded items to eliminate data entry and handwriting errors.

  • Sketch Pad - Allows simple maps of line locations or a customer signature to indicate completed work or accept charges.

  • Take Photos - Built-in camera to capture before and after photo of site, as-built images and final readings on meter change-outs.

  • User-defined Surveys - Questions (and answers in list boxes) can be defined by office staff and automatically added to orders based on the order type. Worker response can be optional or required as well.

Not just reading software. CNI has listened to meter readers for the past 20 years and added the following features:

  • Wireless transfer of readings

  • Extensive note entry

  • Partial Meter Number Searching

  • User-defined Information screen

  • Touch screen or keypad entry

  • Previous, new and average usages

  • Reader defined sequences

  • Account bookmark for quick return

  • Quick list of only unread meters

  • One button status of all

  • Routes loaded & reading completed

  • Optional Right-to-Left reading entry

  • Easy-to-follow on-screen prompts

  • Transfers 1000 accounts in < 1 minute

  • Microsoft .net technology

Trimble NOMAD and UMS WMS

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