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UMS2000 is a complete Windows based Utility Management System with integrated line/tap and meter information. User definable drop-down list boxes ease data entry and control responses. With an unmatched audit-trail, comprehensive rate analysis and service orders to track your team, management has the tools in place to increase productivity and enhance profitability. Customer service has never been easier with so many complex tasks automated to a mouse click. Handheld computers from leading manufacturers are integrated directly into UMS2000 for simplicity and tighter control.

UMS2000 Features
  • ODBC compliant. You may access SYSTEM data using ODBC compliant tools from many Windows applications.

  • Windows based product developed with industry standard programming development tools and operate under Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms without modification.

  • User Friendly Menu Structure - Easy to use drill down scalable menus and context sensitive help, to provide the easiest transition to staff.

  • Customizable Task Menu for easy access to their individual daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

  • Interfaces with “CRYSTAL REPORTS”, for any additional reporting needs.

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