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UMSAccess Customer Internet Access Module

With UMSAccess and Email Billing, customers can receive their bill electronically, look up account information on-line and make a payment from the comfort of home.

Providing the information and convenience
your customers deserve 24 hours a day.


For many, the Internet has become the preferred method of transacting business worldwide. Each and every day, millions of people perform business transactions on-line. Applications such as UMSAccess is imperative for businesses to stay competitive and consumer-wise in this high-tech world.

In order to provide the services included in UMSAccess, your in-house staff would require ISPís, web page developers, firewalls, high speed telecommunications lines and consultants all costing in the thousands each month. Your critical data would be exposed to hackers and someone would have to monitor the equipment 24 hours a day. Let CNI provide these services at a fraction of the cost without the headaches.
UMSAccess allows you to extend your business hours and remain open to your customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Provides up-to-date account balance and payment information on a 24-hour basis.  Typically this will save 1-2 man-hours per day previously spent answering billing and usage questions.

  • Shows current meter readings and usage by service.

  • Provides a forum for additional services offered such as budget balance and electronic bank drafting.

  • Additionally, UMSAccess can accept requests for service and requests for account changes.  When a customer makes a request over the Internet, an automated e-mail is sent immediately to any CSR you designate.  Overnight a management summary is emailed to the key people you designate that recaps yesterdayís activity.

  • Updated customer data is compressed, encrypted and copied to CNIís secure server automatically every night.

  • UMSAccess is linked to your Web site Ė When customers follow this link, they are transported to CNIís secure server so that the information they view cannot affect your network.

  • UMSAccess will become a part of your Web site.  CNI will also provide Web hosting at no additional charge creating a total solution for you and your customers.

  • Email Billing can eliminate thousands of dollars monthly in postage. With this option customers can receive their bill electronically, look up account information on-line and make a payment from the comfort of home.  Your customer service hours just extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week and your staff has more time to spend on other important issues.

UMSAccess Features


  • Real-time processing of funds direct to your bank account.


  • CNI will design and host your website.


  • One-stop source for billing, presentment and payment.


  • Data security provided with carrier class facilities and 24x365 monitoring.


  • Automatic linkage to UMS2000 billing software.


  • No need for additional interfaces or third party products.


  • Email billing can eliminate thousands of dollars monthly in postage expense and 1-2 hours per day in CSR time spent answering billing, reading, payment questions.


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