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Your vital business data could be lost or destroyed in just seconds. The fact that tape media for backup simply does not work is becoming too obvious to ignore. Industry analysts have long noted that tape backups fail to fully restore as often as 50% of the time.

This level of avoidable risk is no longer acceptable. After all, which half of your data can you afford to loose?
Your accounts receivable?
Client/patient information?
Spreadsheets & documents?
Your payroll information?

If that happens:

  • Will you be ready for business tomorrow?

  • Is your backup data current?

  • Is your backup data being verified?

  • Is your data even there?

If you are using eBackupCentral service the answer to each of these questions is YES! and you'll have the peace of mind that results from knowing your vital data is safely backed up, is offsite, and that it is always available if and when the need arises to restore any part of it.

“Our office is located in an area that has experienced several hurricanes, so disaster recovery is something that is a real possibility. With tapes we were always concerned about their reliability and survivability in the event of a serious disaster. eBackupCentral alleviates that fear, helps us comply with the EPA’s vulnerability assessment program and lets us concentrate on the more important things like making sure our customers have water!”
Sylvia Hutto, Mobile County Water
“Tapes, tape drives and backup software are expensive, difficult to use, hard to manage properly and sometimes unreliable. On the other hand, eBackupCentral is reasonably priced, simple to manage and gives us peace of mind – just one less worry to keep us up at night!”
Allyson Horner, Gibson County Utility District
“In any business your data is invaluable and consistent backups are crucial. Over time, it is easy to become complacent and not keep tape backups up to date. With eBackupCentral this process is automated and consistent. Our files are transmitted to your site daily and we have peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes, you will be there with our current data. You cannot put a price on this service!"
Drew Klumpp, City of Daphne, AL Utilities Board

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bullet 24-hour-a-day Access to your data - Recovery when you need it
bullet The same Encryption technology used by major corporations and banks, but at a fraction of the cost
bullet Secure Transmission & Storage of your Data - HIPAA Compliant
bullet Easy to setup and backing up your data is Automatic - set it once and forget it
bullet Triple Redundant Data Storage at 3 geographically different locations
bullet No storage devices to configure or media to buy or keep track of


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